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The benefits of immigration Australia this one is very important, Australian citizenship = America green card!



Since the America free trade agreement (Australia - United States FTA), after signing of the United States and Australia began to and keep a good many strategic cooperative relations, the United States but also for australians to tailor a visa, called E - 3 for the Australian people live can be convenient to work in the United States.

Pay attention!

For australians to tailor;

Only Australian citizens can apply for;

Annual quota of 10500!

This magical E - 3 visa "wonderful" is: as long as you are Australian citizens can apply for!Holder and to work in the United States live in there is no limit to the time, the most important thing is infinite extension special terms;At the same time to allow spouses and families and visa holders, to the United States work life!

E - 3 visa application conditions:

1, Australian citizen;

2, Bachelor's Degree (Tertiary qualifications/Bachelor Degree) or above or recognition of professional experience;

3, have a Job Offer and employer SPONSORSHIP (and played on The same), and career is a Specialty Occupation (The definition of The Specialty Occupation is same as H - 1 b visa).

E - 3 visa terms:

1, two years effective and can be infinite to renewAs long as you in the minute before you sign the E3 still have jobs in the United States, you can renew the E3, renew and continue to love how long how long, as long as there is work.Compare the H1B only signed for six years, then I must leave...

2, E3 visa spouse also have a work permit, along with the visa holders to work in America;And along with minor children can study in the United States.

3, at present no clear age limit for applicants

4, 10500 annual quota65000 H1B visas, who spread the message of running out in two days, is how much pressure to survive in the United States.That's very kind of Australia, never again with billions of people from around the world for the boring of visa.

5, work visa without regional restrictions, can work for any employer.Apply for H1B takes employers guarantee, and three years after the visa can't changing employers, that is to say one thousand employers you are fired, or otherwise you fry the boss squid, H1B visa is revoked, the result is...

H1B and E3 are working visa categories, but belongs to "not reject immigrants" category.At the same time, in other words, hold the visa allowed to apply for a green card, this is a far cry from and student visa, which serious taboo has a tendency to immigration.

Remember Britain take off after the European, Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand four prepares for the commonwealth liberties union?Unbounded complicity in the four countries citizens can, including work, business, tourism, endowment, immigration country four equal to immigration, truly realize the exchange and resource sharing!

So, how to conform to join Australian citizenship way?

First, to get the Australian PR, through technical guarantee, employers, marriage visa, business visa, to get the permanent residency.

And then, take a look at other conditions apply to join the nationality of Australia:

1. The naturalization of living time requirements:

1) have lived in Australia before applying for full four years, and these four years must be at least one year (12 months) is PR status;

2) in the four years left Australia a total of no more than a year of time, and in this year can not apply for Australian citizenship from the Australia more than 90 days;

3) before you became a permanent resident in temporary resident status (e.g. student visa) in Australia lived and computing time can be admitted to the new residence requirements, the temporary residents living up to three years can be admitted.In other words, before you became a permanent resident status has been in Australia as temporary residents for three years, after obtaining permanent resident status, living a year can apply for citizenship.

2, can speak and understand basic English, the applicant shall participate in the interview, when must use English to say Australia's obligations and rights of citizens;

3, understand obligations and rights of an Australian citizen, an Australian immigration will provide relevant information for reciting English;

4, good character;

5, and intend to live in Australia or maintain close relations with Australia.Children under the age of 16 can include in any parents in the party's application for naturalization, do not need to conform to the requirements of the living.