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Welfare is stuck on the big earth 】 Chinese students study abroad in Australia, what is the best way to get a green card??





Australia's high quality education level and the many well-known colleges and universities, attracting students from all over the world to study abroad.After finishing the course, students can also get a temporary visa to work in the local find relevant professional, more have access to their immigration status.For those students for the purpose of immigration to study in Australia, what ways can help you to get a green card?

Independent skilled migration visa (189)Australia's 189 skilled migration visa known as independent skilled migrants, don't need a state guarantee and relative guarantee, can go to anywhere in Australia to settle down after a successful immigrants.Apply for 189 visa is the precondition of profession belongs to the SOL, their scores of 60 points at the same time (if spouse points need to mate assessment career is on the SOL).Australia's 189 kind of independent skilled migration visa applies to want to work in Australia and residence, and grading test meet the requirements of skilled immigrants.Australia's 189 visa belongs to the permanent resident visa.Prior to application for 189 visa applicant must submit a letter of intent (EOI).Available in within or outside Australia to apply for and be granted the visa.

189 visa application conditions:

Need to get the EOI invited (be invited to apply).

less than 50 years old;

profession belongs to SOL 1, and through professional assessment;

ielts at least four 6;L score of 60 points

conform to the requirements of the body and quality;

457 visa, temporary business visa

457 visa is the Australian government for Australian companies introduce all kinds of professional or technical workers from overseas and set up a temporary work visa.Type of work can be dealt with 457 visa more than 400, including various types of managers, professionals and technicians, etc.Visa is valid for 3 months to 4 years, employees in Australia work is full two years later can apply for an employer sponsored migration (ENS).Australian employers to give the applicant's release of the government's minimum wage cannot under salary.Once the applicant is the employer hiring, can enjoy the paid sick leave, 4 weeks a year annual leave benefits, etc.In addition, employers still have obligation to pay pension for employees, all applicants to enjoy the vacation as prescribed by the government, endowment insurance, such as overtime wages treatment.Chinese applicant's spouse can work full-time in Australia, children under the age of 18 can be free to accept public education in primary and secondary schools.

457 visa application conditions:

Secured with Australian employers to nominate career;

meet nominated occupation requires skill and experience, if the application is the mechanic class professional, still need through professional evaluation (TRA)Ielts is not less than 4 5 l, or meet Labour agreement stipulated in English;

if the nominated position requires, must hold relevant license or registration certificate;

187 -the employer sponsored migration visas

187 visa can be either in the application can also be outside the application, it is the original 119 and 857 visa after the merger of the visa.Belong to the Australian employer sponsored migration project in remote areas.

187 visa with a total of three categories:

Turn in the permanent Residence in the category (Temporary Residence Transition stream), applicable to hold 457 visa has been nominated occupation, working for the current employer 2 years or above of the applicants, and their employers to provide a permanent position.Directly apply for permanent residence category (Direct Entry stream), applicable to never or short worked in Australia of the applicant, and only two years did not have a 457 visa.Labor contract category (Agreement stream), suitable for through Labour Agreement or regional migration Agreement for employers guarantee the applicant.

187 visa application conditions:

Nominated for Australian employers in the remote area;

age less than 50 years of age;

190 visa -

Australian visa190 visa can be either within Australia can also be outside Australia applications.It is before 176 and 886 the combined visas types.After the success of the application is one pace reachs the designated position permanent residence visa, compared with 189, 190 need to have a state guarantee, after the success of the immigration needs to guarantee states living two years later can go to other areas to settle (a residency restrictions).SOL on the professional Whether SOL or CSOL profession can apply for state guarantees, 190 state guarantees can add 5 points to the applicant, according to the grading standard if the applicant can reach 55 points, will have the opportunity to apply for 190 state guarantees technical immigration application.71 New Deal after the 190 visa application process is a professional assessment - EOI - state guarantees - after receiving the invitation for a visa.Australia's 190 state guarantees a visa fitting the score only 55 points of the applicant, the applicant can apply for state guarantees add 5 points need to see whether the applicant to assess whether there is a professional state guarantees and conform to the requirements of the state guarantee other (ielts, working years, offer or registration, etc.), apply to the state guarantees the federal will send invitation to apply for a visa, 190 and 189 visas as belongs to the permanent residents (PR) of one pace reachs the designated position, with the only difference is that 189 189 is the nature of the immigration, can go to any place to settle down in Australia, and 190 belong to the state guarantees property immigrant, after the success of the immigrants in Australia before two years need to settle down in the guarantee states (cumulative, middle can return home or travel to other states in Australia).State guarantees always dynamic change, the guarantee profession for a period of may no longer guarantee, the current does not guarantee jobs can guarantee, after a period of guarantee conditions and dynamic change at the same time, apply for 489 or 190 of the biggest uncertainty is actually guarantee change, change fast, unpredictable, improve the success rate of only one way: career assessment as soon as possible, as soon as possible out of the ielts test, opportunities arise for the first time, constantly improve the ielts before successful application, four 6.5 6 opportunity is more than 4, only 4 6 will also have the opportunity to, but the opportunity which day have no one say clear, so can do is ready, should be in constant change.

190 visa application conditions:

Need to get the EOI invited (be invited to apply).

less than 50 years old;

profession belongs to SOL 1 or 2 SOL, and through professional assessment;

ielts at least four 6;L with a state guarantee;

score at least 55 points for state guarantees to five points after 60 minutes;

conform to the requirements of the body and quality;

Spouse visa

Find a local wedding for identity is also a good choice, or when you are studying in Australia, your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend living together have been Australian permanent resident or citizen, even your children already, so choose to apply for a spouse immigrants must be another route to Australia green card "way".Spouse immigrants (Partner Migration) is second only to minor children of immigrants in Australia, one of the most priority family immigrant visa, the applicant scope includes couples married couples or facts.Spouse visa is usually divided into two stages: the first stage is a temporary spouse visa, 309 in the second stage is the permanent spouse visa 100.Under normal circumstances, the two visa can apply for at the same time, but the applicant can only first obtain a temporary spouse visa, after getting a temporary visa for two years, to get a permanent visa, which is the so-called waiting period (waiting period).