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Students, parents send me to go abroad really meant to

Parents send you to go abroad is for the sake of what?Many international students will be asked this question.In fact, the biggest harvest is that two things: one is to be in any country, no one know where can survive;2 it is flashy car has shake willing to dream to pursue the simple flat mentality by bus every day.This different is enough to let a person benefit for life.Students standeth upon the sea, river crossing, festival of time with his family apart thousands of miles away, also took a lot of money, for the sake of what?Actually, just like in the film "the hobbit" : the world is not in your map and note, when you return your difference.Together to listen to the following the souls of the students, his harvest, is really meant parents send you to go abroad.

1.A study, the most attract me, is infinite possibility

Why we love our two people around the world is on your side, but we have to leave them?Parents in, not to travel.We don't want to because of time difference and make them always sit in front of the computer for a few hours, just to wait for us online said that a few words, every time we don't want to meet, heart startled to discover that their more hair.All drift is to one day can no longer wandering, can protect the family.Only after such, can understand the "origin" is a what kind of things.Person's life is short, you won't be able to experience all of the wonderful, learning and experience itself is to help you comb you have never experienced the wonderful.Go abroad to study is not only a class to study.Education abroad, for no contact with people, greatly widen our sight and learn to do a brainstorming at any time, to make constructive question.Now began to encourage domestic university questioned, but many students are questioned for questioning, questions are not doubt yourself, this is another kind of obedience, the requirement of "obey to you question".But at the same time, it is important to values and moral kidnapping, refused to don't respect facts and scientific research.For everything very clearly aware of the probability "themselves may be wrong, never think myself is" absolutely right ", this is the result of foreign university academic training, is also the result of the experience.A little less frivolous, to do everything well, to believe in the power of the professional, we changed.Layman's probability is very small, you don't predisposed, also do not act rashly.You will not understand more than lawyers law after all, also can't more than the police know how to catch the bad guys.To respect those thinkers, artists, industrialists, all kinds of jobs, and their efforts after the results, no matter success or failure.Never in human history for a full-time critic made a bronze statue.


2.The education principle here is: academic independence, personality respect, understanding, tolerance

Chinese culture emphasizes everyone is a member of the social relations, were deeply connect with others.But in western society, people is a member of the social function, a person's work and his personal life can be completely separated.The western emphasis on individual independence in the collective, the Chinese emphasis on personal connections in the collective.As a cultural liberalism, westerners generally "slow to judge others."People who do not respect for others in the western culture are very unpleasant.Respect others include roughly: do not complain, do not affect others, don't bother others, don't force others to accept their point of view, it is not easily judge others, and so on.At the same time, also don't plagiarize other people, because it means that you are the beginning of the failure.In China, most parents want their children to study, career, family, have a car have room later, so the life is the life, as it should be is a success, and lack of compatibility of other all kinds of life and always try to use their own values to over the lives of children.Especially with a majority of people, the collective values to judge other people's right and wrong, it may also be one reason for the lack of imagination and innovation, just the same, no differences, was killed early fancy.Want to live out of the ordinary people is much bigger than abroad, the pressure of domestic to resist various secular pressure.But in a foreign country, you will find that the so-called freak too much, everyone's life is different, everyone is a weirdo, so there is no weirdo.


3.The true adversity education, optimistic spirit

Accept defeat not to accept the world of darkness, or inequality, the most important is to learn to live their challenge.Most westerners are good state of mind, filled with positive energy, know to compete more to have presence in truth.They even if sometimes complain about how disrespectful, or national policy, or others, but not idle after the topic is how to better to enjoy life more, how to start all over again, how to try different new things.Love and optimistic, always is the necessary foundation of success.This is simply not to go abroad to tourism.Campus in foreign countries, and students get along, with the professor to discuss and write essay (paper), project to do, can better understand the setback in the process of the real taste.To tell myself, in a kind of both opportunities and challenges of environment to explore their own desires, dreams, limitless possibilities, and this time the face of adversity is not terrible.Study abroad will also make you realize, advocated by the western spirit of noble spirit not explosion door.The rich are not the same thing with you.It is by no means a villa, buy cars, money, the racket, forthcoming, to the person your way.Noble spirit from different civilian spirit, does not mean privilege, leisurely and luxurious life.This is a kind of honor, responsibility, leadership, courage, restraint, discipline, dedication and a series of value as the core spirit of the pioneer.Naive to mature, vanity in pragmatic.Studying abroad is not to "can do better than others.If out of the country, after you have seen more and more in this pursuit, "have a good" that go abroad is really some waste.


4.Study abroad, will make you truly feel oneself is a Chinese

Go abroad, you will feel Chinese traditional values moving, so will be very treasure Chinese culture of human and think the Chinese have a kind of humiliation, always want to live, moving spirit of life, as well as to the family and the family's attention.This is a kind of natural emotional ties, let you keep the information synchronization, with China still think originally occurred in China a lot of things on the earth is closely related to you.You are still the heart is free, but also has a strong public concern, at the same time, love to eat hot pot and spicy dry tofu Chinese adolescents.When you are abroad, was asked: what is learned over the years, going abroad to harvest?If you can leisurely answer, I harvest the most important two things: one is to be in any country, no one know where can survive;2 it is flashy car has shake willing to dream to pursue the simple flat mentality by bus every day.So, congratulations you, study abroad allows you to see the larger world, you already have the ability to benefit from life and mentality.