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Australian high school study in interviewing skills have?

Australian study trend of younger age increase year by year, go to Australia's secondary school students is increasing.Australia some excellent public high school and a growing number of private high school, in order to better understand the student, are also beginning to require students to attend the interview.So, students should deal with the interview?Today is to share a few tips, hope to help everyone.

Generally, the main types of interview is divided into three types: on-site interview (face-to-face), () through the network video interview and telephone interview.Whether students for a kind of interview, here are some preparation work will be helpful.

First, keep the common heart

First, you must keep a common heart is very important.Some students especially strict with their own during an interview, think must be very perfect answer all the questions the visa officer, so, once encounter will not answer the question, especially easy to panic.At this moment, we are going to correct attitude, keep a common heart.We want to clear, the interviewer will not because a problem down the performance of a student.If a student at that time really can't figure out how to answer, don't easily say "I don 'tknow" or "I have no idea," can try to talk about his own ideas, thinking about the problem so that we can give the interviewer a like thinking a good impression.

Second, the common practice

Can try to write down some of the common questions and answers in advance, the usual practice, and related expansion and associations for the answer.However, bear in mind that rote learning, so it is easy to the interviewer.It is recommended to prepare questions and answers, according to the points listed equinoctial, interview answers to lenovo.

Third, the speed stable

For the vast majority of Chinese students, the interview there too often.Speak too fast, and sometimes lead to a series of mistakes in grammar and pronunciation is not clear, and not highlight his spoken English is fluent.To prepare the problems especially the interview, answer speed very fast, and have not problems, faltered.So big contrast before and after, will give the interviewer the impression that the cheating.At the same time, the speed too fast will also drive the interviewer to speed up the speed, easy to understand problems, let yourself into a awkward position.So slow down, on the one hand, can answer questions clearly, on the other hand also plays the role of mood regulation, avoid too nervous.

Four, interests and hobbies is also very important

During the interview process, can say something associated with academic less, can talk about some of their common interests and hobbies, travel anecdotes, etc.The Australian people like to see something different, these can deepen the impression of your interviewer, let the interviewer know that you are a positive, very interesting people.At the same time, must be polite, remember that the interview process to avoid argue with the interviewer, and then puts forward his own different opinions, also want to respect each other.In addition, the need to note is that, as far as possible to avoid talking about politics, religion and other sensitive topics.

Above is only some experience summary, in fact, no matter what interviews are has no definite answer, because each person is different individuals, has its own characteristics.Students in Australia high school interview, must combine their own actual situation and experience, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, to show their own advantages and confident, flexible response!