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Australian sign for 10 years, 12-12 officially open Chinese online application!


Australia's official weibo:

Before that two specifically for the welfare of the junior partner in China, is finally in this special day began on December 12!

1. The Chinese online fill out a form

Since December 12, 2016, Chinese visa applicants can apply for a tourist visa by simplified Chinese online, convenient for requesting a visa for Chinese tourists, is the first in the visa application for Australia visa application practical non-english language class;Australian visa application centre, to apply for a visitor visa (600 class) tourism series of Chinese visa applicants may choose to fill out a form of Chinese online service.The applicant can fill out a form in Chinese and complete the online application, don't need to go to Australia visa application center to submit.Application form will be translated into English and submitted to the immigration and border agency review.

2. The applicant for a decade visitor visa in China

Since December 12, 2016, formally to hold a Chinese passport, and application of the applicant in China began to try out ten years visa;This visa is a supplement to the existing visitor visa products, suitable for a long-term plan to Chinese travelers often short-term to Australia.Ten years' frequent travelers' visa allows the holder to macau for many times, each time stay for no more than 3 months in Australia.The visa holder in any accumulated during 24 months for no more than 12 months.Chinese passport holders if apply for a visitor visa (600 type) series of "frequent fliers" visa, before submit an application, and in one of China's first to Australia visa application centre (AVAC) to make an appointment to provide biometric information (fingerprints and photographs).This visa can only apply online and charge $1000.

Do a good job in ten years to sign!Go to Australia to see koalas!

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