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The Australian government to take visa operation!Review guarantees professional listing!A large number of professional or cancelled!





The federal government has invited several organizations to participate in 457 visa unified guarantee career List (Consolidated Sponsored Occupational List, CSOL) content of the review, this List is suitable for temporary and permanent overseas workers.The move is likely to mean that the difficulty of the overseas labor jobs in Australia will be further intensified.

It is harder to labor jobs in Australia or overseas

Australian BBS 6, recently, the relevant regulatory standards tighten visa appeal, so the analysis thinks, the federal government announced the career list to review for the unified guarantee, is likely to lead to foreign workers in Australia are harder to find a suitable job, especially in those professions Australia qualified local workers.According to a report released recently, the IT industry in Australia, has attracted a large number of 457 visa holder from India, by 457 visa holders are allowed to work in Australia for 4 years.

Federal immigration minister meal (Peter Dutton), according to the review work is the federal government part of the visa is about to introduce a series of reform measures, its purpose is to further consolidate the Australian skilled migration policy, to ensure that the supplement of foreign workers as local workers in Australia, rather than a replacement.

In addition, he also asked Skilled immigrants Ministerial Advisory committee (Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration, MACSM) a guarantee to the current list of professional review, ensure that the content can better reflect the real demand of the Labour market.

Low-tech career or cancelled

At present, the guarantee profession list, there are more than 650 jobs, there are a lot of jobs is considered to belong to the type of work of low technical content, and this and encourage to have high technical ability of foreign workers to work in Australia's vocational and technical immigration policies differ.Visa the federal government will introduce a series of reform measures, including the review work, these measures is to ensure that Australia local workers in the job search process priority, "said, in the past years, the guarantee profession list added hundreds of professional, including a large number of don't need too much work experience or too high a low-tech vocational skills.Therefore, he thought about the past the guarantee profession list management existence question, and this leads to a 457 visa holders were increased dramatically.Data show that the 457 visa holder has more than 110000 people, and in the end of June, 2010, the number of the visa holder is only about 68000 people.

Are also explained, "guarantees the importance of career list necessary for maintenance, to ensure that skilled migrants can meet the real needs of the development of Australia's economy, but they do not make the Australian native workers."

It is understood that MACSM list to guarantee profession career form and review the scope, including the possibility of compression list.The agency members are representatives from various rights and interests of employees and employers organization, such as the Australian working group (AIG), chief executive of velox (Innes Willox) and the Australian council of trade unions (ACTU) chairman Carl's (Ged Kearney), etc.MACSM is expected in the first half of next year, submit to the meal all inspection results and related Suggestions.July 1, 408 species of Australia can turn out to be immigration technology professional cut to 181, immigration quotas to tilt of high technology.Australia to study in the New Deal, the biggest change is the TAFE vocational and technical education most popular courses and economic management professional a lot to be deleted.In the new listing, cook, barber, pastry chefs, hairdressers, plate-making printing institute of vocational and technical education of the most popular courses have been deleted.Which is a hotspot of Chinese students learning courses, among them, the chef, west point, salon professional people read the most.Also deleted profession has the ranger, fashion designers, piano tuner, interior designers, real estate agents, fashion designers, librarian, acupuncturists, manager, etc.Original Chinese students love to study for a master of business administration (MBA), international trade, marketing, translation, etc., have been cancelled.Engineering majors such as engineering, IT professional will still be in place.Class career to a mechanic, such as electrician, ceramic tile, bricklayer's, auto mechanic, carpenter, locksmith, plasterer, dental mechanic demand remains. Accounting is one of the most popular major Chinese students to go to Australia, this remains within the new listing, let many students and parents.But the threshold is relatively improved, students in 2010 on July 1st, when the immigration application submitted to satisfy the requirement of ielts listening, speaking, reading and writing four 7 points.And now also didn't determine whether students to fully pass accountant qualification exam, before the immigration without further clarification, accounting profession the applicant hanging heart is likely to be put down.Some universities in Australia, Chinese students studying accounting accounts for one-third of the total.By some estimates, the New Deal may reduce heat accounting.

Australians much less, is an immigrant country.Listing three original immigration, respectively is a key professional shortage of professional listing, listing and immigration technology professional listing.If your career or in the listing, the professional language performance and meet the requirements, such as there is hope to emigrate to Australia.

Immigration minister Chris Evans said, the list of changes will help to skilled migration system perfect, and put an end to the phenomenon of abuse of immigration rules."Through targeted immigration system, the government will attract high talent, technology, and can really meet the Australian economic migrants".In Australia, analysts say, a lot of Chinese students give up learning of undergraduate course, learned cook, hairdressers and other professional, but in fact will not to engage in related industries, which deviated from the Australian government set up immigration "technology professional listing" in the first place. On May 17th, the Australian government released new immigration professional listing, and announced the list every year have new changes.Professionals said that the original estimate, the New Deal may has a great influence on the students, but now it seems that the actual effect is not imaginary.

Because the deleted many TAFE professional, but Chinese students read TAFE students is relatively small.Chinese students of the translation of language class, engineering, computer, finance, etc., in addition to the translation has been cancelled, other are retained.

Students in the future if you want to aim at immigration study in Australia, can consider to learn in science and engineering.Australia, in general, the demand for talent in science and engineering will not changed.Experts say: the Australian government policy study in Australia, always strive for a relatively stable, every change once, pressure will be very big.After all, the students spent more than 20, ten thousand yuan to learn make the cake, not immigrants, reaction is very big.In students in Australia, read many of the accounting major, the accounting specialty is retained, very good.And students employment face also expanded, originally may only be working in the Chinese company, now has a hope to work in foreign company.