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Why did he choose settled in Australia, not the United States!


He settled in Australia, is purely accidental events, in advance without any purpose and motivation, but later, 20 years of inactivity.

This time, want to many times in the past the United States, yearning for Hollywood in the United States, this may sound a bit funny.Us it is very far away from Australia, however, is not left leg lifts, and stay in Australia, the longer the more like the country.


Later, he found that Australia is better than the United States.Although the United States is the world's superpower, but in many ways better than America, Australia, especially ordinary people "quality of life".



If you live in the United States, to be involved in very professional, will get a high pay;And in ordinary work, salary is not acceptable, lower America's unemployment rate is almost twice the size of Australia, and the gender pay gap is very large.Are Australian women earn an average of 83.1% of the men, and American women earn an average of only 77% of men.According to the organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD), in 2008, median household income of $37690, and after conversion in accordance with the theory of purchasing power parity (PPP), Australian family income of only $27039 (when the Australian dollar equivalent of only us $0.6).In the United States, however, may be more likely to fall into poverty.The United Nations human poverty index (UNHumanPovertyIndex) showed that 12.2% of australians live on a less than half the median income income.In the citizen of the United States, the same class or income lower proportion reached 17%.



Australia and the United States have similar history of immigration, but now in the United States, to meet the probability of foreign-born people half is lower than in Australia.Only 12% of americans, born in overseas, and have more than one of five australians (27%) was born overseas.Of every 1000 people in Australia, net migration growth toll to 6.03, almost (4.18) than the United States more than two people.



Most americans just graduated from high school, but many Australian education time for an average of 21 years (from university), far more than people in the United States for 16 years, the Australian study time is longer.According to the U.S. census bureau (USCensus) data, with 38.54% aged 25 or more citizens of the United States have junior college or bachelor's degree, and before 2006, there are more than 59% of australians have senior college diploma or bachelor's degree.And, if in the United States for higher education, the cost is higher, private independent college tuition is $20517 per year on average, just $7902 in Australia!



America's health-care costs per person is higher than Australia, but many citizens of the United States still bear unnecessary costs, a lot of people because of the expensive medical costs had to file for bankruptcy.Medical spending in the United States, the government funding 18.7%, while 70% of the Australian government's contribution.Two countries citizens of the five major causes of death are the same, the two countries have similar deadly cancer rate, but the death toll from the cardiovascular diseases, on average, 1.3 times higher than Australia.Among 100000 people in the United States, the number of people died of respiratory disease almost 60% higher than in Australia.2.999 doctors per 1000 Australian people, 2.672 higher than the United States.



From many point of view, the Australian way of life is good for you.The average life expectancy in the Australian than americans 40.8 months long, the life expectancy at 81.9 years old.Now Australian women's life expectancy of 83.9 years, 80.8 years more than American women.Gap between men's life is similar to that of male life expectancy of 79.3 years, Australia and the United States was 75.6 years for men.Infant mortality is high in the United States.In every 1000 babies, mortality rate of 6.06 in the United States, and Australia is only 4.61.



It is also cannot be ignored, the terrorist attacks in the United States or violence is far more than Australia.Australia, or australians status quo, unwilling to puffed up, the terrorists are not the Australian seriously, think Australia is not worth a "fear", nothing but "some".Real terrorist incidents, of course, the direct victims are ordinary people, the White House on the window though eaten you shot, but it can't let missiles in a hole.No comparison, no gap!!!!!!