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Immigration to early!Australian PR or been big change!

Australian immigration authorities recently released a and a move to be able to hit the headlines almost every day!Take 457 visa immigration listing operation not only plan, but also marked up to 52 kinds of professions, and plans to list these professional skilled immigrants from Australia is removed.Today, the Sydney morning herald yesterday to expose the heavy material again!Australia's immigration department internal meeting secret files are being leaked!Immigration is planning to take Australia PR operation!Prepare for Australian permanent residence visa for significant reform!


The Sydney morning herald reported yesterday that a federal cabinet file leak!The documents show that the federal government is planning to visa system adopts a large area of rectification.

According to reports, bo tam led by the federal government is secretly plans for Australian visa system for rectification, the reform of visa or increase social problems result in Australia, Australian profiteering extremism, and brings the very serious polarization problem in Australia.According to the Fairfax leaked documents show,This unique!Cipher text!A!!!!Mark is Protected: Sensitive words.

The visa reform plan in a few months ago has been the national security council for consideration.The policy will be in early 2017, the federal cabinet is discussed.According to leaked documents show,Visa applicants to obtain permanent residency before, will get a temporary visa!And what this means is that a visa applicants after graduation, if you want to apply for independent skilled migrants, in passed the ielts, to apply for the professional assessment, after passed the test score, they can't get PR directly!And must go through a period of temporary visa waiting period,After through the waiting period to get PR!


The cabinet national security council has been in the March 1, 2016, agreed to the new simplified visa policy!One of the important reforms is before get PR, must hold a period of temporary visa!At the same time, the federal immigration minister currently has eight new visa policy, submitted to the federal cabinet to discuss!


The national security council and the federal cabinet will next year during the New Year, is the potential visa reform plan to discuss!

According to the federal government, leaked documents show the federal immigration has and other government departments, including the federal social services had consulted visa reform matters.The immigration department in these reforms could discuss the impact of immigration.


The federal immigration reform the main purpose is to reduce the federal government financial start to the new immigration benefits.However, the report found that the potential visa reform policy was chicken ribs!Influenced by a series of external factors, the austerity immigration reform cannot achieve expected goals.



The policy faced criticism!

Federal cabinet confidential documents, according to abolish the practice of one pace reachs the designated position permanent residence, and temporary visa before permanent residence approach may not be welcomed by the community!Because a lot of people within the community will be affected by the policy.

Also concerns about the federal department of social services, the potential visa reform policy may cause very big effect.Because of insufficient time for discussing the policy, but also may make Australia's social problems of polarization, the productivity of Australia!And give the Australian government spending in the long run.


Although this policy is still at the discussion stage, has not yet been formally introduced.However, from the immigration minister said to cut 457 immigrants listing, slash words, such as professional skilled migration list can be seen that the federal government is planning the next big move!


The SBS: more than 52 professional immigration will be deleted!

According to reports,The federal ministry of education is currently in the skilled migration list review!In the list of the current immigration 183 occupations can apply for independent skilled migration.According to the report,The federal government has marked the professional 52 kinds of immigration,And could these removed from the skilled migration list!Including many popular major!Accountants, lawyers, litigation lawyer, health professional doctor, building cost estimating division, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, crafts, occupational therapists and chef, etc.


The final list on July 1, will be in the next year, take effect!!!!!

In addition, the federal immigration minister Peter Dutton also said that the federal government recently to reduce the overseas technology can meet the demand of 457 visa immigration career list.

The Australian ABC: 457 visa: the Australian government plans to cut skilled immigrants career list!

The Sydney morning herald: Australian immigration minister said: 457 visa immigration professional listing will be cut!

The federal government will be to contain more than 650 kinds of professional technology of 457 visa immigration list is compressed.Immigration minister, said the federal government is to review this list.Plans will never catch up with change, so immigration will ~ early