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Figure evidence, Australia is superior than the United States!!!!!

Overnight, Donald trump won the presidential election news that Australia's former prime minister Paul Keating (Paul Keating) boldly in the TV show, said: "our society is better than the United States."To compare two societies may have some difficulty, but there are a lot of data to support his point of view!According to the Sydney morning herald reported that Human Development Index (Human Development Index), a country by the United Nations to arrange annual ranking, the Index according to three basic principle: the quality of life of health, education level and the income as the basis, ranking for each country.According to an index, according to a report on Australia ranked second in the world, second only to Norway, if you count the temperate climate, Australia is entirely possible that was ranked no. 1, and the United States ranked eighth in the report.


Australia at the United Nations on the index of leading in the United States, one reason is that the Australian health statistics.The world health organization (who), the latest figures show Australia's life expectancy reached 82.8 years in 2015, is the world's fourth high human life, this is more than three years, higher than the United States in the United States ranked is 31, 79.3 years, life expectancy for americans also couldn't catch up with Chile, costa rica and Greece.And life expectancy at birth, especially for the Australian men, has risen to 80.9 years old, is only the top two (81.3 years), Switzerland and Iceland low (81.2 years) for several months.


But Australian people not only live longer, in September, the comprehensive evaluation index of sustainable development goals on the ranking of Australia on the top ten countries in the world, the index is comprehensive evaluation of disease burden and standard of living.The study published in the September report to the UN base of sustainable development goals, aimed at 33 health indicators in 188 countries, Australia ranked 10th, far ahead of the 28th in the United States.


In 2014, bloomberg a separate report assessed the health care system efficiency of 55 countries, Australia ranked 10th, 40 leading the United States, the United States was ranked 50th.In health care spending accounts for a percentage of gross domestic product, Australia is much smaller than the United States, but in the whole population of health care is better.Keating said Australian society society more superior than the United States is also a key reasons, Australia has greater equity.A known as the gini coefficient index, can reveal a gap between rich and poor countries, the index of a country's income distribution are summarized, the index tended to be a number between 0 and 1, when the index is 0, means that everyone has the same income, and 1 means a person has the country's income.The organisation for economic co-operation and development's latest comparison shows that America's gini coefficient was 0.4 in 2013, and the gini coefficient of about 0.34 only in Australia, this means that the poorest and the income gap of the richest people in America than Australia.


Another related income fairness index, the index shows that the richest 1% of the population percentage in total.French economist Thomas Piketty analysis found that the majority of the time, in the past century that 1% in Australia's share of the total revenue is less than that of the United States, but since the 1980 s, the gap began to expand.Piketty estimates that in 2010, the United States in the top 1% account for nearly 18% of total revenue, and Australia accounts for only 10% of total revenues in the top 1% of the people.