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Sign the formal landing Australia ten years!Effect on Saturday!A highly Chinese passport to rise again!

In February, Australian foreign minister bishop in China and foreign minister wang yi when seen by reporters, said Australia is to carry out the valid visa for Chinese tourists to extend decade pilot work, and urged the approval to issue the Chinese tourist visa as soon as possible, in order to attract more Chinese tourists to travel in Australia.And recently, Australia, the federal government's legislative reform documents show the visa only for the Chinese ten years, will start on November 19th Japan Saturday, formally accepting applications!

The news from Australia's governor signed on November 10, disclosed in immigration law amendment!

Immigration law reform immigration laws, according to the amendment of the policy will be on November 19th (Saturday) began to take effect!


According to the original plan,

The 10 years visa!

There is no limit to the number!

But only for the Chinese open!

Application fee $1000!!!!!


What Australian visa ten years?1. The visa is valid for 10 years, means that the applicant within 10 years don't have to apply for a tourist visa again.

2. Each time to enter Australia can be divided into three months stay time generally.

3. The tourist visa applicants in any one period of time, whether in a 10-year term at any time, have time to stay in Australia must satisfy: in the past 24 months time, the cumulative stay in Australia for not more than 12 months.


Also please note that this visa only for 10 years is tourist visa category, rather than business investigation.Australian immigration for Chinese passport holders to apply for business trip the longest valid for 3 years, not for 10 years.10 years multiple entry visa, the applicant must pay a $1000 visa application fee.But immigration and border protection department also said that for Chinese citizens open 10 years multiple entry visa no quota restrictions, but the related department to closely monitor applications.

How to apply for Australian visa ten years?(reference)

At the time of last year on June 17, Australian open to Chinese citizens 10 years multiple entry tourist visa, become the fourth after Singapore, the United States and Canada visa country open to the Chinese citizens 10 years.


Application materials:

1. Passport, passport copy

2. Passport photos

3. The id card

4. Registered permanent residence this getting the whole copy

5. The application form (form no. 1419)

6. If it is on-the-job personnel, units need to provide employment certificates;If everyone is a company, copies of business license;If they are students, need to provide student's id card copy, as well as the school the student is drawn to travel in Australia;The retirees shall provide emeritus card copy

7. Asset proof, such as real estate, stock, such as car can prove that the applicant has economic ability proof of visit to Australia


In Australia since the trade promotion into ten years to sign

Last June, Chinese minister of commerce gao hucheng and former Australian trade and investment minister Andrew rob in Canberra, Australia, representing the two governments signed the law of the People's Republic of China government and the Australian government free trade agreement (hereinafter referred to as "agreement").According to the agreement, Australia will provide 10-year multiple entry visas to Chinese citizens, to become the fourth provide 10-year multiple entry visas to Chinese tourists, which will promote Chinese tourists to travel abroad.In February this year, 10 years to sign the plan has been formally put forward!Held at the time of Australian foreign minister to co-chair the third round of sino-australian diplomatic and strategic dialogue, bishop, according to the exchange of visits between the two countries in Australia record growth in the number of tourists.In 2015, more than 1 million Chinese tourists visit Australia.Australia in the system of valid for 10 years tourist visa.Wang yi said that the two sides have all issues of common concern to the positive and constructive dialogue, and reached many important consensus.Wang yi said that China hopes to keep closer people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries, encouraging more Chinese tourists to travel to Australia, over 1 million Chinese tourists visit to Australia last year, in the near future China will become Australia's largest source of overseas tourists.China also support the initiative to promote the new foreign minister bishop Colombo plan, welcome more australians to go study in China, and will provide the necessary convenience.