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Into the happiest countries - Australia


According to the federal government statistics, 2014-2015 fiscal year, a total of 27872 Chinese immigrants in Australia.Since February, Australia's population will exceed 24 million mark!There are a large part of the reason lies in the Australian immigration policy to attract, especially in recent years, China's massive immigration Australia's momentum of the soil makes the population growth in Australia.However, real data must be much more than you can imagine!According to the Australian bureau of statistics latest data show that, in Australia there are as many as 447400 immigrants who was born in China!1.9% of the Australian population.


Why do so many Chinese people choose to migrate to Australia?

 Australian country with vast territory and abundant resources, in many fields, such as economy, science and technology, military, sports comprehensive development, become a worthy in the southern hemisphere.Australia has a strong economy, the relative independence of economy is the important reason for Australia to keep strong, also let the Australia in 150 years, belong to one of the richest countries, HDI, YBLI index the world's first, per capita GDP is the world's second, won completely in the four countries.

Australia was started in 1910 the establishment of a social security system, is a social welfare system in the world, one of the best country in the social welfare at the earliest.There are quite a perfect social welfare network covering the whole country six states, social welfare and security benefits variety is complete, all residents and citizens to obtain Australia green card status, to enjoy its benefits.Pension, family child benefits, unemployment benefits, pregnant women, free education, healthcare, grant's benefits!In addition, study allowance, remote areas allowance, care allowance, spouse allowance, telephone allowance, rent subsidies, allowances, child-care allowance, etc.New immigrants arrived in Australia after, can enjoy the benefits including medical benefits, child sponsorship fees, special benefits, college scholarships and tuition interest-free loan repayment, etc.Australia's such a beautiful scenery, livable country, environment, coupled with the great welfare system.So Australia will naturally become a comprehensive index is one of the highest immigration.


Such a nice policy is to points minutes the rhythm of the migrated to Australia!


As traditional immigration country, Australia since open immigration policy, immigration will only grow.Looking forward to enjoy the Australian unparalleled sunshine, air, beaches, lobster friends!Move quickly!Don't say we don't have to tell you the following good news!!

January 1, 2016 the new state government canceled the guarantee business industry, to open the door for small business operators;China-australia fta has effect, for the applicant is a huge temptation;At the same time, Australia's prime minister also announced his innovation project of 1 billion yuan, in the project, the federal government will reduce the difficulty of the foreign graduate student to obtain permanent residence.Read IT, what mathematics professional will be able to immigration!In addition, the Australian prime minister still plans to reform 457 visa!By loosening the practice of 457 visa, to encourage more entrepreneurs and high skilled workers to work in Australia!


Are you moved?

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