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2 years get a green card!457 visa really that simple?

Due to various reasons such as fog settled a lot of friends want to go abroad.The three countries became the choice of a lot of people in Australia, so, how to get cheap and fast Australia green card?457 working face in visa can well solve the junior expectations, through work for Australian employers over the past two years to get Australian permanent residence visa, is have got.


What is 457 visa?

Australia to 457 visa is the Australian government for enterprises of various kinds of imported from overseas professionals and set up a business work visa is valid for four years.There are more than 400 type of work can apply for visa in 457, including various types of professionals, technicians, etc.Applicant holds the visa work is full two years later, you can turn to stay permanently in Australia green card!


What's good about 2457 visa?

457 visa for 4 years, four years after the expiration can be postponed

Two years later on a 457 visa, can apply for permanent residence

Can be high, exemption from EnglishFamily members can be a full-time job and study

Children can attend public schools, you may apply for financial aid

Can, on a 457 visa in Australia, can work at home.


457 visa application conditions

Career list covers most of the industry

Relevant degree,

Divided the five points, ielts (exemption),

can be applied for within or outside in Australia

Have the guarantee company in Australia, can build a company guarantee.


457 self-employed visa advantage

The applicant company to guarantee his 457 visa

The applicant can be a company's shareholders, directors

The applicant own master security right, is not subject to other employers, reduce the risk caused by employers or transfer company to fail

Don't need to employ Australian staff, can hire overseas and part-time employees

No minimum requirement on the company's turnover.


457 visa exemption qualifications, English

Experience, record of formal schooling is insufficient, can be used, exemption from

English employers to provide high salary (before tax) $96400 + super or in the mother tongue is English countries learn more than five years or above in middle school.


The application materials list Guarantee company

The financial statements,

Training materials,

Company organizational structure

Labor contract,

The applicant

Divide the ielts 5 (valid for 3 years)

Record of formal schooling,

Work certificate

Passing the examination, physical examination and character


457 after two years of permanent residence (employers notice)

According to visa nomination wage standard for 457 visa holders pay salaries

The current minimum salary of $53900 before tax, namely a $1036.51 every week

Wages every week, every two weeks or a monthForm, pay by bank transfer or check

DE on time pay pension for the employeesProvide training opportunities for the local employees


457 after two years of permanent residence attention holder (457)

can only work for guarantee company

Nominated position can't change, save each fiscal year, the annual tax return forms

Save the record pension payment