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Introduces Australia 590 student guardian visa

The student guardian visa (Student Dependent Visa)

If you are under 18, or due to physical or cultural reasons, need adults to accompany you to Australia, what about your father, mother, legal guardian or relatives can apply for your student guardian to accompany you to Australia.


The student guardian must meet the following requirements:

Is studying in the applicant's relatives

Aged people over the age of 21 and has a good character

The requirements for health examination and the state of the economy


In addition to special circumstances, your student guardians should be with you (the applicant) have the following one:


Adopt children

Father or mother

Brothers and sisters

Step (that is, the wife and husband or husband and children born to his ex-wife)stepparent

Different parents brothers and sisters

Grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother

Grandchildren, grandson grand daughter

Aunt uncles aunts

Nephew niece or nephew, niece

The following the grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother

The following the grandchildren, grandson granddaughter

Following the uncles aunts aunt

Following the nieces and nephews, following the nephew, niece


Student guardians are not allowed to carry any subordinate staff family members as their visa to enter Australia.Anyone with children under 6 years old, do not apply for a student guardian visa. If you are in Australia more than to be a student guardian, you must inform immigration () when you apply for, you want your visa is linked to one student.


The student guardian visa must abide by the following terms:

Can't go to work.

Can't enter more than 3 months of learning.

Must keep you have been approved for overseas visitors to the health of the deposit.

In addition to these three, can not apply for any other category of visa in Australia:

The student guardian visa extension of the visa

The implementation of the 1951 UN convention on the Australian government obligations stipulated refugee visas

Student guardians must continue to meet the requirements of the visa.

You must live with nominated you to become the guardian of the student.

And, if a student no more than 18 years old, with suitable accommodation, welfare and comprehensive support.

If you leave Australia, must:

Carry your nominated students together, or,

Notify the immigration department before you leave, when you are not in Australia you have for the student accommodation, welfare and economic aid made appropriate arrangements (if the student at the age of 18), and from the student education provider for the change of arrangement to obtain written approval letter.


How to apply for the visa?

Read 1234 I form about instructions for the student guardian visa.Let the student's parents or legal guardian complete 157 n forms, nominate a student guardian.Note: or you are student's parent or legal guardian himself.Complete 157 g form "student guardian visa application form".Submit an application.